Friday, June 5, 2009

A feel of AcCoMpLiShMeNt!

I know it has been a while since I have posted...I need to get better at this!

First, I wanted you to know I will be teaching at Scrapista this year in September! I am so excited to be part of a special scrapbooking event / retreat. This will actually be my first time teaching a class outside of Archiver's and I am ready! I will be teaching a mini-album class and I am LoViNg the class sample....the sneak peek will be up soon on the Scrapista website. :o)

Well, since my Grandma has passed away some things in my life have changed. When Brett and I drive down to Warner Robins to visit family, we always go by and see my Grandpa. He is doing good since his wife passed away, but he misses her so much (we all do). I have realized and I know you are not supposed to dwell on the past, but I actually visit with my Grandpa more than I did when my Grandma was with us. But, when I am there, I can feel her pressence and I know she is happy that I am there with Grandpa. I believe God sends your loved ones in a form of something they loved, my Grandma LoVeD butterflies! Since she passed, I have seen more butterflies fluttering around than I have before. I miss you Grandma!

Other than that, I have changed one of my lifestyles, that is my health. My best friend, Tonya, and I joined a local gym by our office. They were having a special go to the gym for 6 weeks for $20. So, we decided we would go just for 6 weeks, this is me on Day One, March 16, 2009.

We had a couple of free personal training sessions with Rodney, he is GrEaT! After the couple of sessions and deciding what our goals were, we decided to purchase some sessions with him and continue to go to the gym. The gym fee is $30 per month and we go Monday through Thursday, so we decided it would be worth it, especially with swimsuit season approaching. We would meet with our trainer every Monday and Tuesday - Thursday we would do our fitness routine. Well, through all the sweat, tears, and hardwork, it has definitely paid off! We just finished our twelve week training on Thursday, June 4th. Here me at 12 weeks:

After twelve weeks, I have lost 7.5 inches, 5 pounds, and 2% body fat! Guess what, I am not done yet. Going to the gym has given me more motivation, confidence, and a lot of energy! It also helps when you work out with a friend because you are there to support each other.

Ok, I promise I will get better at these posts! Oh yeah, I just found I my little brother, the baby of the family, is getting married next year! I am happy for my brother and looking forward to having a great sister-in-law.

Later ~ Jennifer

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Favorite!

Grandmothers are blessings from heaven above
Each one is handpicked, only for us
They have special gifts, that bring a smile to our face
And we know when they're gone, they cannot be replaced

This place where they go, when they leave us on Earth
Is too beautiful by far, this place of their birth
God gave us this time, to share her with us.
But it's time to go home, to his place up above

No worries or woes to ever deal with
Just flowers and sunshine, complete total bliss
She'll watch from above, to make sure that we're safe
Always sneaking a peek, while you're asleep or awake

You'll never forget them, nor will they forget you
And they'll hold you your place, you know this is true
So don't mourn me too long, for I'm now safe at home
With my God, friends and loved ones, I'm never alone

Marlyn Jane Stahl Jackson

1939 - 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remembering my grandma

Well, this past week was hard for me and my family. On January 24th, my grandmother, Marlyn Jackson, was called home. She was admitted into the hospital on Thursday, January 15th with low blood pressure and a kidney infection. On Tuesday, January 20th she was admitted into ICU due to her blood pressure was decreasing, even with her medications and IVs. The kidney infection had become septic in her system, meaning it started to eat at her organs. For someone to visit her, they had to wear scrubs due to the bacteria she had. She was put on a ventalitor, had tubes to her stomach and heart, and all kinds of medications. The doctorsventalitor said she was improving on papers as far as her blood pressure and blood levels on Friday, however she did not look good on the outside. I had left work early Friday and drove down to Warner Robins to see her. It was so hard to see my grandmother with all these machines and tubes hooked up to her. I did talk to her about our memories in the past and those we get to look forward to.

On Saturday morning, the doctors told my family they had to sign the papers to not recesistate her if she were to flat line (if they did recesistate her, she would bleed to death internally). Her infection was so bad, she had maxed out on the medications to help the infection and if you were to touch her she would start bleeding. My family did sign the papers, it was especially hard on my grandpa, but he has faith in the Lord. He told us the night before, if the Lord wants to take her home, he can because she has done all she was set to do in her life. During the day she was holding strong until around 6pm when we received a call from her nurse that she would not make it through the night. We had immediately rushed to her room and told her how much we will always love her. I was in the room for a while with my family, but grandpa wanted to leave the room. He told me as we were walking back to the waiting room that he did not want to see the doctors close her eyes. After being in the waiting room for 15 minutes or so, my grandpa and I decided to go back to see grandma. After being in the room for a few minutes and talking with our family, my grandma was called home. Her heart was so strong while being in the hospital, that truly shows how big of a heart she had. When my grandpa realized she went home, that is when reality hit him, but he did remain strong for her. My grandmother now rests in peace in Warner Robins. I know she is not suffering or in pain anymore, now she is in heaven with her parents and godchild.

As I sit here and write, I remember all the good memories of my grandma. The most recent picture I have of her, is from our wedding. She was sick that day, but she was going to be there no matter what. I remember staying at my grandparents house on the weekends and eatting "poke and grit." Brett and I took our first vacation together to Hilton Head with my grandparents. I will miss my grandma's good home-cooked meals, her sweet hugs, her unconditional love, her listening ear, her advice, and her sweet smile. But I know she will always remain in my heart and be an angel on my side. I love you grandma! :o)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They're here....Wedding Pictures

We finally have our wedding pictures, YEAH!!!! I have completed our wedding website, go check it out if you want. :o)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yes, I am married to Brett Turner, the love of my life!!! On September 12, 2008 at 6:30pm is when I walked down the beach, said our vows and became Mr. & Mrs. Brett Turner! :o) The wedding was perfect and the weather was great (for those who do not know, our wedding was at Hilton Head Island on the beach). I did cry a little which made Brett teary eyed (but he will not admit it), we made it through the vows and then when I attempted to sing....all went down. I had surprised Brett by singing "From This Moment On," only two versus though. That is when all my emotions hit me along with nerves. Brett was so surprised and said I did a great job. :o) The ceremony went by so fast and when I think about it, I remember it all. We had 16 guests at our wedding, our close family! The reception was very casual and at the beach house my parents had rented for the week. Our wedding day was perfect and what we both wanted. I do not have my pictures back yet, but when I do, I will post some. :o)

We are back to reality and now there are changes happening (some we did not expect at all). Brett found out the day he went back to work, 3 days after our wedding, that he is losing his job November 7th due to restructuring. Wow, that was an awesome gift from his company. But the good thing is, he gets two months of severance pay and it is time to find a job in this horrible economy. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as Brett submits resumes and prepares for interviews.

Ok, now I have bad news for all my scrapbook friends.....I am officially leaving A's next Saturday, October 4th~~this will be my last mania. :o( I love working there and hosting manias, however there are other things in my life that are important and other things I want to do. If you can make it, try to come to mania on October 4th~this will be my last. But, there is an upside, I can start using my coupons.....hehehe!

Oh yeah, the picture above is from graduation, May 2008.

Well, other than that, our life is great! Brett and I are exploring our options at this moment and we do not know which path God has in mind for us. The path we would like, we are hoping it all works out because it is a dream of ours that will come true. I will keep everyone posted! :o)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Need to Update.....and I was tagged! :o)

Ok, I am sorry, I know it has been a while but my life has finally somewhat calmed down. Here is a little update of my life:

1. As of May 10, 2008 at 10am I am officially finished with school. I am a graduate of Marketing which I obtained from Brenau University. Now it is time to start paying off my student loans and possibly start my Masters in a couple of years.

2. Just think Brett proposed to me on August 1, 2007 and in THREE months, we will tie the knot! I can't believe how time has flown by and I still have a lot to do. My invitations are out and they were so cute! I have my dress, flowers, cake, photographer, officiant, site, Brett's wedding band, and much more. I will keep you updated!

3. My job it GREAT! I still love it, even though at times it can be stressful, it is a challenging job and I love challenges. The company is paying for me to get PHR certified in the winter, so that means back to studying a book and taking a test.....I thought I was officially done with studying. However, I will study to get PHR Certified for my future! :o)

4. I finally have time to scrapbook!

Ok, that is all! I was tagged by Laurel and I think it is a fun it goes!

What were you doing five years ago?
Five years ago Brett and I were dating for a year, I was working at Victoria's Secret as an Assistant Manager and attending Macon State College (in Macon, Georgia). I lived at home with my parents and Brett and I just adopted our dog Josie.

What are five things on your to-do list for today (in no particular order)?
1. Layout and tan!
2. Scrapbook
3. Prepare my demo for Scrap Mania (I am hosting Saturday...come and see me) :o)
4. Watch a movie with Brett
5. Get to bed at a reasonable hour (good one Laurel)

What are five snacks you enjoy?
1. Animal Crackers
2. Honey roasted peanuts
3. Crackers
4. Gold Fish
5. Cheese

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Open a scrapbook store :o)
2. Buy a big house
3. Travel the world
4. Build my own scrapbook room
5. Find a few charities to too! :o)

What are five of your bad habits?
1. Procrastination
2. Not putting my clothes away immediately
3. Bitting my nails
4. Several things I can't seem to think of right now
5. Procrastination

What are five places where you have lived? (not in order)
1. Seymour, Indiana
2. Columbus, Georgia
3. Warner Robins, Georgia
4. Buford, Georgia
5. Lawrenceville, Georgia (currently reside with Brett and Josie)

What are five jobs you've had?
1. Sales Associate
2. Assistant Manager
3. Supervisor
4. Operations Specialist
5. Mania Hostess

I do not know who to tag....:o(

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's been a while.....sorry!

I am sorry for not posting in a while, but I've been extremely busy! Since my last post my life has become somewhat less stressful as far as school, but there are other things that have happened since then.

First, I am counting down the days till my graduation on May 10, 2008 at 10am! I have three more classes, four more months to go and I will be done. Then my sister is having her second baby, Samantha Dawn Price, sometime in February. My brother will be graduating from high school at the end of May, I can't wait for him to graduate....he has accomplished so much this past year with his grades. Then September 12th, will be here before I know it and I will officially become Mrs. Brett Turner! I have almost 8 months to go....yet I feel like I have so much to do. I need to find a dress, find a location (waiting on my grandparents timeshare information), determine what kind of food to have at the reception (thank-goodness only 15 people to feed), make my message in the bottle invitations, get our marriage license, and so much more. But we did get some things knock off the list of the "to-dos," our Save the Date announcements made and delivered (oh so cute!) and our registry. Brett had so much fun scanning everything, I think he really enjoyed that....I had my camera and totally forgot to take pictures.....and I scrapbook.....apparently it was not on my mind. 2008 will be the best year for me and Brett! We have so much to look forward to.

Ok, now for the things that suck in life....the little things that could be big ones. Our family found out that my Grandpa has a tumor between his skull and brain and Thank God and his angels for watching over him, it is NOT CANCEROUS!!!!! I am so relieved by that when we heard the news! The tumor he has is the smallest in the whole world and he is very lucky. They are not planning on removing it now, but will keep a watch on it every six months. But now the doctors have to figure out why he is going blind on occasion for up to five seconds (that he says seems like forever). Please pray they do find out what is going on with that.

Then my dad, who I love so much and I am a "Daddy's girl!" He is having surgery January 17th and having part of his tyroid or all of it removed. The lumps they found our NOT CANCEROUS but they are going to do the surgery anyways. Brett and I will be with my mom and dad for a couple of days to be there to help out and such. Please pray that everything is successful and nothing goes wrong.

Ok, I am all updated....thanks Laurel for reminding me about this....I finally have time while I am on break from school!

Oh, check out our wedding website: